Moving On

Miss us? Well, we have missed you immensely. I love blogging. Writing is fun, documenting our lives is important, rereading the adventures is awesome because it’s so easy to forget things so I will continue to blog.

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I have no interest in going back and resizing all the past photos so that’s out. No biggie. I will print out this blog and add it to the other blog books (that I have yet to print but plan to do in one year increments) and put them on the shelf to reread and to pass on to future generations. But I also thought about splitting up the information from this blog to make it more focused. This one is a travel/parenting/living abroad/health/adoption/food/finance blog. It’s too much! I love writing about all of those things but it’s too much for one blog. But do I want seven different blogs? No, I do not. Did you read that article in Newsweek (July 16, 2012) about the internet’s effect on the mind? If not, let me sum it up for you: it talked about internet addiction being linked to depression/sleep deprivation and brain atrophy. Oh my. I am certainly affected. I am online hours each day partly due to living overseas (Skype, email, Facebook, etc.) but also due to boredom and blogging. Having several different blogs would make a bad problem worse. I am fine with (and prefer) decreasing content somehow if it means I have only one blog but this is a way to record our lives and I appreciate the details. So as you can see, I am still not sure how to proceed!

In the meantime the weeks are flying and not blogging at all is the worst option of all, so I set up a new temporary blog. It’s a work in progress as I play with the themes and the format (that current camel and pyramid picture, though cool, is not mine) so expect some changes while I get it together. Sorry for all the drama. Hope to see you at Joy and Coconut 2: Year Two Abroad! 🙂

~ Joy and Coco

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