Home Away From Home

We left our cute little house in a quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and moved into a high-rise building in a very busy, polluted, crowded downtown area.  We are on the 38th floor with amazing views.. a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y!  LOL   I was actually looking forward to moving to a large city and living in an urban environment.  Our apartment is quite large with a pool and a gym, and at first I was pretty excited about living here but as time goes by I am noticing some things that are having me rethink living here after the first required year.  Before I get into that though, let me show you what I saw when we first moved in.  I snapped these pictures the night we arrived:

Looks pretty nice, right? Well, that was before I realized most of the dining room chairs were broken and had been glued back together (I discovered this when I fell during dinner!) Then, when I was told that most residents go over our allotted electricity allowance due to the large air-conditioning units, I decided to try to open the windows more. This was when I realized that most of the windows don’t open!  How crazy is that? Other things that bug me are the fridge is teeny tiny so not much can be stored, the washing machine is old and broken down and on its last legs, the furniture is not child-friendly  (glass coffee table, glass end tables, glass dining room table) and the tub is in my bathroom not Coco’s so we end up using each other’s bathrooms!  The biggest aggravation though is the commute.  Though only 15 min without traffic, it can be over an hour with traffic. Coco’s commute in the morning is always 45 minutes because she is the first to be picked up by the school bus and the last to be dropped off.  But until we can move this summer  we are learning to live with these relatively minor aggravations and are slowly starting to feel like this is our home.

And this is our view.  Seriously, how amazing is that?

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One Response to Home Away From Home

  1. It shows you guys have started the settling in process when you notice starting noticing the chinks. That’s means the holiday is over and your ready for another change!

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