First 3D Movie

I took Coco to see Hop last Spring but she didn’t last very long.  But this past weekend Cat And Boots was playing (I know it’s not called that but I don’t want weirdos looking for something else to come to my blog!) so same friend from Intramuros brought her kiddos and we checked out the movie.  Coco LOVED watching it! She was totally enthralled the whole time– kept her 3D glasses on and everything –and truly was more interested in the movie than she was in the popcorn!  We stayed for the entire film and I enjoyed it quite a bit, too.  Not a fan of G movies in general (Ha! better get over that) I found this one quite entertaining.  Score for more activities me and the munchkin can do together!

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One Response to First 3D Movie

  1. Sen says:

    Welcome Back!!!! I glad to see you both are enjoying life abroad. Blessings!


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