New Curtains

Moving abroad means that you are leaving the lion share of your personal belongings behind and often your home never feels like your own.  You most likely rent and it’s usually they are already furnished.  Basically, all the things that you carefully consider when choosing property in your home country (location, natural light, etc.) are no longer options.  For the first few months I figured that that was just how it was to be when living in a foreign country and kind of chalked it up to being part of the experience.

However, with my renewed interest in Pinterest (highly addictive site – are you a fan?) I realized that not only could I save low carb recipes and natural cleaners on my boards but I could also use it to get inexpensive decorating ideas to make my company-assigned rental space feel like my home!!  Plus, labor is inexpensive here. I am now super excited to try to get my apartment (that I am still moving out of in six months) feeling homey on the cheap.  Step one?  New curtains for my bedroom.

When we moved in all the floor to ceiling windows (in all rooms except the kitchens and bathrooms where the light would be especially welcomed) were shrouded in window shades and very heavy, tan drapes.  In the living room we just keep them pushed back at all times to see our amazing view.  In Coco’s room, as unattractive as they are, I have decided to keep them for the time being because they block out every inch of sunlight which is so great for nap time.  In my room, however, I could not bear them.  Step one was to have them removed and that looked far superior but because we are on the 38th floor, the incredible view also means there is light shining into my bedroom all night long and I could never seem to get my room dark enough.  After suffering for the past month, I decided I should look into the price of having some curtains custom-made.  I figured that our windows are so huge that it would be no big deal when we moved into another unit this summer because they can easily be altered to fit the new windows.

Once I made that connection it was only a matter of days before I had a seamstress in here measuring and ventured out to the sprawling outdoor market with her to purchase the fabric.  I am so glad I went ahead and made the leap!  Here is what the master bedroom looked like on move in day:

this morning:

And here is what the master bedroom looks like now:

I love the way they turned out!  I chose white to brighten up the room and I opted against something completely opaque.  I figured with the shades it wasn’t necessary and they are perfect. If we weren’t moving out in 6 months I would probably have her make another panel so that entire short wall had curtains across it.  It wouldn’t be expensive to have her add one more panel now but I would also have to search for a longer curtain rod and frankly I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal.  If it really starts to bug me I will go ahead and get it done, but the main objective for having curtains made was to make my room darker at nighttime.  These work well for that, and aside for the strange look of the red light poking through and the rumpled blanket and pillows I think they make my room look so much softer and more finished.

Oh, and total cost including labor, fabric and grommets?  Under $50!

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2 Responses to New Curtains

  1. K says:

    You should try to get on House Hunters International for your in-country apartment move.

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