Christmas is Here

The lobby is decorated for Xmas.  Let me look at the calendar… ok, I’m back. It’s November 14th.  There are still 41 days til Christmas.  I guess that’s acceptable, although there are many of you who might feel that one should wait until after Thanksgiving and the American consumer madness of Black Friday before putting up any decorations.  I used to feel that way but then I wouldn’t put them up then.  In fact, I wouldn’t get around to putting them up until a few days before Christmas and that always felt too late.

The Philippines is a very Roman Catholic country. Did you know it is the only country, outside of the Vatican, that doesn’t allow couples to divorce?  They take religion seriously here and, with that, Christian holidays are celebrated with fervor.  Since they don’t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations come out as early as October.  I even heard Christmas music in the malls in September–I kid you not!  It wasn’t uncommon to hear people say the craziest phrases like, “only 72 days til Christmas!!”  So, at 41 days I suppose my building showed amazing restraint in waiting until November.

Although I don’t feel the Christmas spirit yet with report cards looming and 90-degree heat, you gotta admit – it sure is pretty!

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