Yogurt Girl

This girl loves yogurt!  She would eat it every day if she could.  Actually, she loves all dairy products, especially yogurt, cheese, milk and ice cream!  She seems to be lactose intolerant (well, at least with pasteurized cow’s milk) but yogurt doesn’t affect her so I let her eat it since she loves it so much.  And the greatest thing?  It is one of the few things she loves that is still good for her because she eats only plain, unsweetened yogurt.  Somehow by age three she has had cookies and cake and pie and ice cream and chocolate and coffee and soda and french fries and more but she still has not tasted flavored yogurt!  Yay, something food-related to be happy about!  Sometimes she eats her yogurt with sliced banana and sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon (and sometimes both) but often she is happy to simply eat it plain.

The other day she had a serving for a snack and then asked for seconds.  And then thirds.  I told her she could have thirds but then there would be none left for breakfast.

Not good with delayed gratification, she opted to eat her third helping right then.  After she finished she clearly wanted even more because I caught her in the kitchen digging her fingers in the container wiping up every last little bit!

Silly little yogurt lover!

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2 Responses to Yogurt Girl

  1. Heidi Faber says:

    I eat plain Greek or Turkish yogurt every morning for breakfast, usually with sliced fruit or sugar free granola. Super yummy and super healthy! Way to go, Mom!!

  2. jessi says:

    PPlain yogurt with banana nut granola 🙂 yummmmm

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