In the spirit of starting traditions, I have decided that doing Christmas crafts is one thing we can easily do right now even when I am tired from a long day at work.  I wanted to make salt dough ornaments tonight but it got late so we did these quick paper crafts instead.  Can I tell you how much fun this was to do with my daughter?!  We have never done this before as she was too young but it was great!!  She had a ball, too!

First we made a reindeer.  On dark brown paper, I traced her foot for the head. Then I put her hands on light brown paper to trace for the antlers.

She glued the antlers onto the head (I cut them out of course).  She loved doing this!

I was going to have her add googly eyes but I forgot so I just cut out some shapes and had her add them to his face.  Isn’t it cute?  She was thrilled with it.

I had planned on tracing more of her hands on green paper to make a wreath next but she wanted to make a doggie, so even though it’s not Christmas-y we did that instead. 🙂

Last, we made a gingerbread man.  I cut out the cookie and some shapes and some ribbon and let her decorate him however she wanted.  She did get frustrated at one point that it wasn’t coming out like she intended and I used that as an opportunity to explain to her again that art is about having fun.  Here’s her finished gingerbread man in front to the Christmas tree.

And, yes, she is wearing tights as hot as it is.  She wanted to put them on! Makes for a nice wintry feel even though it’s about 80 degrees.

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One Response to Crafting

  1. Sen says:

    Too cute. I thought of you two while watching “The Chew” where they made Christmas ornaments. They bought clear glass bulbs; poured paint colors inside then swirled and poured out the excess and let dry. They were really nice and very inexpensive. Enjoy your weekend!!


    BTW; are you coming to the states for the holidays or is it too long of a flight for a short time?

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