Back to Coco Beach

Oh, Coco Beach, how we love you so.  It is currently my favorite place in the world!  After we spent two weeks in the States for Christmas we went back to Coco Beach to unwind and decompress.  At first I was sad to leave home after only two weeks, but then jetlag smacked me up and down and inside out and I was glad to be able to relax and do nothing but laze poolside with my book and an Isle of the Blessed Coconut.  Have you had one of those?  OMG, heavenly!

I took the yaya this time.  It was nice to be able to actually sunbathe and read (and The Help was excellent by the way, though definitely uncomfortable and ironic to have help while reading The Help. I found myself forced into reflecting on my own ways and seeing things more from her perspective which is so odd considering you would think as an African-American I would have done this thoroughly already, right?  But that is another post!)  She entertained Coco quite a bit but I also had to share a room with her and was with her damn near 24/7 and at times that was honestly just too much.  Next time–if I take her next time– I will definitely do some things 1:1, just Coco and I.  I contemplated
doing that this time but I thought it might appear to be inconsiderate or like I was slighting her, but in retrospect I imagine she probably would have enjoyed the time off.

We had to get up early to catch the 6:30am shuttle bus but Coco said she really, really wanted to have an egg before we left.  Does she just love eggs that much?  Not a chance.  She just learned how to crack them open and loves to do it.

(And no shells!  She amazes me!  She’s 3!)

I took about 300 more photos so I will break them up into separate posts:  Coco and the animals, scenic Puerto Galera,  downtime and beach fun.  Meanwhile, we are back in Manila and back to the grind (4:45am wake up call anyone?) but our memories will last a lifetime– or at least a few days and when they start to fade I will have the massage therapist in to help me cope.  😉

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One Response to Back to Coco Beach

  1. Jessi says:

    Love it. And interested to hear your thoughts on The Help. I thought of you as I was reading it. Must be weird to read it when you do have help…. interesting.

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