Coco and the Critters

We hadn’t been there 5 minutes when Coco was immediately examining all the creatures.  Here she is pointing to the spider she spied crawling on our front door.

Feeding fish.

She thought this was great fun as she loves talking about fish and sharks.  For about three weeks after visiting the aquarium she would spontaneously turn to me and say, “sharks eat fishes.”  During our vacation Coco told me she had a “shroat” (sore throat).  I asked her how she got it and she said there was a snake in her throat.  I asked her what he was doing in there and she said he was playing with her toys.  “What toys?,” I inquired.  To which she responded, “he’s playing kickball in there.”  LOL  (I know that story has nothing to do with fish or sharks but it was so funny I had to tell it.)

Coco!!  Stay away from that mangy varmint!!!

    This thing (centipede? millipede???) was HUGE!

Look, Mommy!  A baby lizard!  Awww.. it’s so cute!

We can hear a rooster crowing each morning from the 38th floor.  Now Coco has seen one up close.

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