Fun Times

We spent lots of time at the pool.  They have a really large pool with a huge shallow area which is great for kids.  Coco is becoming quite a good swimmer!  I’m so proud of her.


Coco found a rock that said I love you and we spent time reading & coloring on the porch.

We ate well.  Coco pretended to read the menu and would point to what she wanted.  Is it just me or is it next to impossible to get your kid to eat healthy foods when you aren’t home?

    Breakfasts were our favorite.  Nothing like fresh fruit and warm bread–even if it’s at 7 am. Coco liked getting hot chocolate every morning.  So did I. 🙂

We got spa treatments. Ok, not really we. I got a spa pedicure and that woman scrubbed my feet so hard they were sore but man, oh, man when she was done they felt like a baby’s bottom. They were smooth like buttah. I painted Coco’s nails while she was standing there.

We watched coffee being ground and I laughed and joked with the bartenders and waiters.


I marveled at how amazing Coco’s curls looked and read The Help in a hammock.

And Coco even helped out in the front office!  (if you call tying up the phone lines, wasting the tape in the adding machine and stamping “PAID” all over your body, help! LOL)


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One Response to Fun Times

  1. D says:

    All I can is that break looked by paradise.
    I trust you are now rested.
    Btw happy new year

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