More Beach Fun

Gosh, it’s been a crazy first week back at work.  Very hard to find time or energy to blog.  I am keeping up with Coconut Photo, though, so that’s a good thing.  Ok, so a few more beach pics from Coco Beach and then I dare say you have had more than enough!

We had fun finding shells and throwing things into the water one morning before breakfast.

After breakfast we ran into a man selling guitars.  I bought one for my little music lover.

Later on that day we took a boat to another beach.  People live there and somehow eek out a living selling coconuts and shells and giving massages to tourists.  This lovely old woman brought out a basket of shells to show us.  I didn’t want to buy one but then she gave one to Coco so I ended up buying it after all.  Fresh coconut water, though?  Yes please!  She hauled three large coconuts over for us choose from and then hacked that thing up in ten seconds flat!

I know there are loads of lovely beaches in the Philippines and I am determined to try some others, as much as I love Coco Beach.  Next weekend we head to one in Anilao.

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