Eagle Point

We had a three-day weekend because of the Chinese New Year so my friends and I (and our children) decided it would be the perfect time to explore Aniloa.  We were looking for a nice resort with a pool not far from Manila and we found one in Eagle Point.

After a harrowing three-hour drive we arrived around 9am to this lovely resort and perfectly gorgeous weather.  We checked in and immediately changed into our bathing suits and got down to the business of relaxation.


It ending up being a very good choice: not too large– so I could keep track of Coco– and a with a nice pool and slide that was fun for adults and kids alike.  I put Coco in a life jacket and she happily played in the pool for hours.

Dinner was a buffet and the food was really, really good. I was happily surprised as too often food around here is substandard.  They had an amazing stir fry and I was watching closely to see how it was prepared so I could try to replicate it at home.  The chef took a heaping spoonful of garlic and sautéed it in a pan (I will use coconut oil). Then she added veggies and meat.  After that cooked she added some chicken stock and threw in some rice noodles.  We also had a choice of sauces which went in as well.  There were four.. what were they?  Curry, oyster and two others which I can’t recall.  There are clearly integral to the dish, but I suppose this ingredient could be purchased in a bottle and added.  Anyways, the dish was delicious as well as their freshly grilled meats.  I miss eating good food and (sadly)  may have to start cooking again if I want to eat well.





A few days out of Manila with sunny, blue skies, a gorgeous pool and a cold cocktail and I am a new person!


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