Kong Hei Fat Choi

I was so tired after our drive back from Anilao that all I wanted to do was veg out at home on Monday but my friend texted (everyone texts here, they rarely call) and told me I had to drag myself out and experience the Chinese New Year in Chinatown.  I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go so I got motivated and met them out.

There were 16 of us in all I think, adults and children.  We squished into cabs and headed to the middle of all the loud celebration.  First stop was a Chinese Restaurant where Coco and I shared an order of spring rolls, some beef soup with noodles and fresh squeezed orange/carrot juice.  The food was really good and gave us much-needed sustenance to manage the heat and crowds and extreme sensory overload. Wow, there was so much to see from every conceivable angle.  Colorful costumes, dancing dragons, gold coins being tossed from storefronts, dancers and firecrackers.

The firecrackers, and the loud noises they bring, are supposed to ward off evil spirits.  Well, let me tell you, there’s no way any evil spirits would be found anywhere within 10,000 miles!!  It was so!!! loud!!!  It was funny to me that in no other situation would you see me running towards loud pops and bangs (especially in DC! lol) but it was just so interesting I had to see.   But, if you got too close, it was entirely too smokey not to mention the incredible ear-splitting bangs which drove us back.

It was loud and overwhelming and colorful and fascinating and scary and entertaining and shocking and interesting and hot and crowded and maddening and tiring and awesome.

Happy New Year.

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