Resolutions Update – January

1.  do not eat sugar/wheat on weekdays – I have done miserably on this.

2.  sign up for weekly tennis lessons – I texted the coach that everyone loves.  He only has Saturday afternoons available starting February 11th.  I want to travel on weekends so I need to decide which is more important– or find a different coach.

3.  use exercise tapes 3x week (yoga or kettlebells) – 0x but I ordered a kettlebell

4.  massage 1x/week – I got one this month but I didn’t like it.  Not enough deep pressure.  I got the name of another place from my colleague to try.

5.  mani/pedi 2x/month –  I called the place I like to go to twice and both times they were booked.  I need to find another place or put in a standing appointment.  I do think I need to order some non-toxic polishes first though if I am going to get it done so frequently.

6.  hair appt. 1x/2months – I called to make an appointment for Jan. 29th and my regular guy took that day off.  Will make appt. for February.

7.  work on French or Spanish with Rosetta Stone 1x/week -I haven’t cracked it open.  Really need to choose between French or Spanish!!!  Which one? Which one??

8.  blog daily at – YAY!  Success on this one!

9.  sign Coco up for ballet lessons – I signed her up for Friday lessons and then they told me (after I bought her leotard, etc.) that it was changed to Saturdays! Not happy.  Same problem with Saturday tennis lessons… I want to be able to go out of town.

10.  take Coco out to dinner 1x/week – Nope.  Work crazy busy… not a good excuse 😦

11.  write a children’s book – Didn’t put in 1 minute of thought into this.

12.  read camera manual – Haven’t cracked it open

13.  implement Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover plan – ordered the book

14.  make Coco’s lifebook – Haven’t spent one minute on this, but probably won’t until summer vacation

15.  do one trip a month – YAY!  Success! Went to Eagle Point.

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

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10 Responses to Resolutions Update – January

  1. Jennifer says:

    We should meet in Paris. I love it and long to go back. Wish I had time/money….

  2. Leo says:

    OK, the French connection for West Africa is definintely a major plus, and you’re right, who knows when or if you’ll be back in the US. I had been also thinking Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil (which is Portuguese but once you know Spanish, that comes super easy) for countries where you wouldn’t be in a tiny minority (which I want to move away from for my little one). Friends of mine are in Dominican Republic right now, and all the young children there think they are from there and don’t understand that their daughter doesn’t speak Spanish. So Spanish is what came to mind. But I must say, West Africa is a huge draw and not only that, but the DOM TOMS (french territories and departments – Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, mmm makes me dream when I think of it…. I might have to revisit this Spanish hands down thing!!!!! :o) So cool that you guys speak French and spent so much time there! I left when I was 21 and have been in the same town here in the US for 25. I guess I’m a huge home body. Doesn’t bode well for going abroad so I live it vicariously through you!!! 🙂 Good luck with the decision of the language! I’m saying French hands down now!!

  3. Leo says:

    Spanish, hands down! And I’m French and grew up there :), But Spanish is the national language of so many countries, and it is also such an important language in the US. Spanish, absolutely hands down! 🙂 So cool that you spent time in France! Where?

    • Joy says:

      Really? Well, that’s 2 for Spanish! I guess my Spanish is so rusty but if you all think so I will start with that. It is critical in the US, true, but who knows when I am going back?? But, you are right it’s in so many other countries as well. I lived in Caen and studied French there for about 6 months and then I waitressed in Paris for a summer.

      • Jennifer says:

        I didn’t know you had spent time in France. Someday I want to hear more about that! I studied abroad for a year in Rouen and spent a month in Paris. Have only been back once a couple years ago.

        French would be beneficial if you intend to live in Africa someday.

      • Joy says:

        yeah, i was young–just out of college. i didn’t know you spoke French! we should meet there. yeah, moving to africa is a thought which is another reason i was considering it. gosh, if i could just settle where we might be next that would help! just when i had settled on Spanish… LOL!

  4. zoya7 says:

    i wan´t much better with my solutions. 😦
    so little time…

    choose spanish, french is really hard. i speak both a little bit and spanish is so much easier.

    • Joy says:

      That’s a good point. I know more French bc I studied it more recently and was immersed in French in France, but I suspect my Spanish accent is better and the learning curve much easier. Thanks for your input!

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are ahead of me – at least you wrote down some resolutions. I’m still procrastinating on doing that!

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