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Resolutions Update – February

Okay, time for a resolutions update. Here we go… 1.  do not eat sugar/wheat on weekdays – Big time fail. This was a really stressful month (lame excuse) so I ate terribly. But, I did order almond flour and Stevia … Continue reading

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Parks and Skunks

Well, 50+ people read my house vs. condo dilemma post but only 3 people commented! Thanks for all your help. Just kidding! You know I gots love for ya! I did get 20 comments on Facebook and the overwhelming opinion … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

(it was Show ‘n Tell Day at school today) Happy Valentine’s Day! Yeah, I’m single and I don’t want to be single but I still love the holiday! It’s also my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary!! What a blessing. I wish … Continue reading

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I Am Looking Old and Rundown

That is a really lame title for a post. Yeah, I know, but unfortunately it’s true. I don’t know if it’s the stress of my job, the pollution of Manila, the fact that I haven’t been making time for exercise, … Continue reading

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Sunday Dinner

I saw this recipe for Banana Breakfast Ice Cream a while back and I was looking forward to making it. It was a lovely Sunday morning here and I had the time and the ingredients so I tried making it. … Continue reading

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Rudy the Reindeer

Rudy the Reindeer came to visit! Who is Rudy? He is my daughter’s classroom mascot.  He is a stuffed reindeer and he goes home with each child for one week. The children are encouraged to have Rudy join them in … Continue reading

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We Made Pancakes Next Weekend

Coco’s sense of time, or understanding of time, is starting to develop.  She uses the phrases “next weekend”, “for a little while” and “for five minutes” a lot in conversations. But “next weekend” is the one she uses in the … Continue reading

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