We Made Pancakes Next Weekend

Coco’s sense of time, or understanding of time, is starting to develop.  She uses the phrases “next weekend”, “for a little while” and “for five minutes” a lot in conversations. But “next weekend” is the one she uses in the wrong context and it cracks me up!  “Momma, I was playing and I hurt my knee next weekend.” lol

So, to honor this phrase which will only be around a short while –she told me tonight she is a “big girl” and not a baby which made me want to cry– I will tell you what we did next weekend: we made pancakes!

I am trying really hard to get back to eating like we were when I left the States– often grain and sugar-free–and it’s been a long road. So many products that I was used to using aren’t available here so it’s been tough.  But I am hell-bent on figuring it out!!!  Hell-bent?  Where did that phrase come from? So, this past weekend, I mean next weekend, we made some pancakes together.

Coco knows how to crack the eggs so I let her do that part.  She also poured the water into the Vitamix.  I measured the rest and put them on the griddle.  I had to modify the recipe because we didn’t have any coconut flour or maple syrup.  I substituted coconut sugar- which was dry for wet- and I’m no cook so clearly the proportions weren’t right, but they turned out good enough.  Especially for being sugar and grain-free.  But the best part?  It felt like old times.  We will do this again!  Maybe big Sunday breakfasts at home will become our new tradition!

I know they look unappetizing!  They fell apart when I flipped them!  I told you I didn’t have all the ingredients!

We had fresh coconut water with them.  And Coco had yogurt with hers, too.  🙂

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One Response to We Made Pancakes Next Weekend

  1. Jessi says:

    yummmm… we just made pancakes in school yesterday after reading Pancakes! Pancakes! I have a kid in class allergic to eggs this year… found a recipe that substituted orange juice for egg. They were delicious!!!! I also love the Sunday morning breakfast idea. Tom and I try to cook a big breakfast whenever we are home together on a weekend morning (which is pretty rare with both of our schedueles…)

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