I Am Looking Old and Rundown

That is a really lame title for a post. Yeah, I know, but unfortunately it’s true. I don’t know if it’s the stress of my job, the pollution of Manila, the fact that I haven’t been making time for exercise, the poor sleep I have had since I moved here or the constant worrying about Coco.  Whatever it is, it’s real and something needs to be done. I ordered a kettlebell and took it to work. I figure it’s safer to store it there than at home and maybe I could do a quick 20 minute workout after school. I have yet to do this and next week isn’t likely but I will set the goal for March for this to be part of my weekly routine.

So let’s start with my hair, shall we? My hair had been looking just awful!  It was too red and roots were showing and grey was coming in. Something had to be done! I went to the same place that colored my hair last time even though I wasn’t thrilled with their work. They clearly have no experience with curly hair, understandably, but then they shouldn’t say that they do! In addition, the color made my hair extremely dry, the color was brassy and the cut uninspiring. So why did I go back?! Because I was fed up and impatient.

I told the stylist that I wanted to go back to my natural color but it needed to be done gradually since it was so light. I also said I wanted to get away from the strong permanent dyes they use and asked if they had henna. He recommended cellophane and promised me it would look natural. I said I wanted a light brown to ease back to the dark brown. He said it could be done so I trusted him and agreed to it.

2100 pesos later I was horrified with the result. It was JET BLACK!  I looked like a witch! The picture above was taken a few days and several washings later. It has faded some but I am not pleased. $50 is a lot for me to be this unhappy–although now that I think about it, I once got slapped with a $400 hair bill so I guess I can’t complain too much. And I have to say it isn’t nearly so dry anymore. Now if it would just fade!

Next, what is up with my skin?

What is that dark brown spot on my cheek? I actually have them on both cheeks. It’s as if my freckles have gotten really huge and merged together. I need to see a dermatologist. It must be from the constant sun exposure here. I hope it’s nothing serious. They sell all kinds of fade creams here but I don’t want any harsh chemicals on my face. Hopefully the dermatologist can shed some light on it (no, wait, I that’s the one thing I don’t want on it! hahaha!) I also have developed a new, deep wrinkle! I woke up one day and it had just appeared. I thought I was all about aging gracefully but now I think I am going to look into Botox.  I wonder how much that is here?  I am sure facials are crazy cheap. I will start there.

Actually in this photo you can see me in all my aging glory. Click the photo to see the dark spot and the deep wrinkle (and the mustache forming) up close. Maybe what’s most telling is in the reflection you can see in my sunglasses: my work ID and the brake lights of bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic!

The other concerning thing is my vision. I have noticed a dramatic decline in my sight. I can barely see without my glasses all of a sudden plus there are times when it feels like there is a film over my eyes they are so blurry. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s scary. After this next crazy week at work I am going to make all kinds of doctor’s appointments for both of us.

Meanwhile, my nails are crazy long. They almost never grow this long!No time for a manicure! Maybe in March.

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