Parks and Skunks

Well, 50+ people read my house vs. condo dilemma post but only 3 people commented! Thanks for all your help. Just kidding! You know I gots love for ya! I did get 20 comments on Facebook and the overwhelming opinion was to go with the house. That was what I was leaning towards and someone made a really good point that I can always join a gym but I can’t create outdoor space. True. But then someone else said, “Well you know with a condo it is smaller so you are forced to keep things simple and you won’t have to buy anything to furnish it. Plus, the outdoor space is great so you won’t be inside a lot anyways. Pluuuus they have all kinds of holiday activities and parties for kids. I really think it’s much better for Coco.” Hmmm.. so, am I settled on the house? Oh, if only it were that easy! I did put my name on the list at HR in this order:

1. small, cozy house that I saw

2. friend’s funky modern condo

3. another colleague’s condo which is near to school and is a 3 bedroom with amenities

The last choice may be the best but she couldn’t find time in her schedule to show it to me before the deadline so I threw it in last place.

There is a great possibility that neither the house nor the condo will have any bites. The house is really small and the condo is small too but out of budget for singles. I may get to choose if that happens, not sure. But here’s the other thing on my mind.. the huge house I saw is also within my housing allowance. I took my name off of that one because so many other people are vying for it and I don’t have enough points in the lottery (like seniority) or money or interest to decorate it. But it dawned on me that if an enormous house like that is in my budget, I might be able to find a bigger house than #1. (The cozy house is really cozy.  In fact, it’s smaller than our condo now!)

So, where does this leave me exactly? Well, I don’t think they tell us for another few weeks which place we get (or if I can choose btwn. two) so if I want to see Choice #3 or see what houses are out there I should do that now – if I have the time or energy.  If not, I can wait and see what I am assigned and let it just be because in the end all three are better than where I am now.  I am going to see my friend’s condo again this afternoon one more time to see if I can picture us in it. If only had extra money to live in the house and join the country club – then I could have it all!  If I can find another small house like Choice #1 on my own (i.e. not part of the housing pool) I can pocket 50% of the difference which could go towards the club.. cause really.. do I really want to live in Manila and not have a swimming pool???

Why is this so difficult? Because none is ideal and I don’t want to settle? Yeah, pretty much. Enough of that.

We went to the park this afternoon.

It just opened last weekend but I wouldn’t let her go because it was raining. We were both very excited to check it out today. After dropping off my car to the dealership to be serviced we hopped in a taxi and headed over to the park. We were so disappointed to see it was roped off. Why? Because so many children went to play there on opening day that they broke the swings and some other equipment! I don’t know if it’s because the crap was so cheaply made or the thrill of having a park (of which there are so few in this city) drove the local children into a crazy, joy-filled frenzy, but damn. It lasted only one weekend?!

There was another piece of equipment on the other side of the park where the kids could walk up the steps to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. How cute is that?







I imagine it’s a lot cuter if it isn’t broken!!!  Yeah, they removed the chimes from it!  What the…?  Man, that bummed me out because I knew Coco would have gotten a huge kick out of that!  So we blew bubbles for a while, got a cold juice and headed home.

We escaped the heat and came home to do some art.  The other night  when I was reading  I Love You, Stinky Face (one of her favorites) she became fascinated by the skunk. I promised her we could make one this weekend. I pulled out the paper and scissors and glue and we made one together.


When she was done she declared it was a “skunk cyclops!!” Very true, smart girl. Very true.

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3 Responses to Parks and Skunks

  1. mvfrontdesk says:

    haha… that was jessi… I forgot I’m logged into the gym’s computer

  2. mvfrontdesk says:

    you are too cute. i’m glad you’re having time to do some of the things on your to do list (ie: art and hang out with your daughter) on the weekends!

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