Resolutions Rewritten

Okay, bear with me, there are a number of things here. Too many? Perhaps for some, but I am confident that I can achieve most or all of these. I know most people do one resolution like lose 10 pounds and that’s it. I totally get why they do that–so they can succeed! But I have so many things I want to accomplish that only having one goal seems like a cop-out! At the same time though I, too, want to succeed. What’s a stressed out/overwhelmed single mom to do? Well, I needed to make my list less daunting somehow instead of just paring it down to find success.  To do this I divided my list into two categories: things that can be done in one sitting (or have a definitive ending sometime before December) and things that are year-long goals. Then I ranked the short-term goals in order of ease so they can be checked off quickly and I can feel successful (thanks Dave Ramsey for this great tip!). You might find the things on the short-term list to be more like items you would see on a To Do list and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you. But it is helpful for me to see them here in this format to demonstrate to myself their importance. I have so many To Do Lists scattered all over my house but there are things I really want to focus on first so I am adding them here. So without further to do ado, here are my new resolutions/things to do:

Short Term Goals:

1. Sign Coco up for ballet lessons

2. Sign myself up for tennis lessons

3. Put $1000 in emergency fund

4. Pay off Amex

5. Pay my Mom back

6. Create some weekly family rituals

7. Create 3 photo books of important events

8. Lose 10 pounds

9. Back up all photos in two or more places

10. Read camera manual

11. Make Coco’s lifebook

12. Pay off home equity line of credit


Year-Long Goals:

1. Reduce sugar, flour, caffeine, and processed foods

2. Make working out a habit (yoga, tapes, tennis and/or kettlebells)

3. Become conversational in Spanish

4. Post a photo for every day of 2012 at

5. Take coconut oil daily

These new goals make me really, really happy.  I can do this!  Yay.

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