Trip to the Wetmarket

This morning I woke up early. I have been wanting to check out the market at Seafront which is known for all the fresh fish, so Coco, the yaya, Ella (Coco’s kitty) and I headed out there just after 7am.  The traffic was relatively light and I was pleased because I was trying to get there early to get the freshest fish– not hot fish that flies have been sitting on. We would have arrived at 7:45 if we hadn’t gotten lost. After stopping to ask for directions three times we finally found it.

I guess most people don’t shop there this early because it was practically empty; really easy to walk around and no lines anywhere. Such a change from our local outdoor market (which is 10x cleaner and has way more variety – except for fish). This market had vendor after vendor selling fresh fish and a few fruit and veggie stalls as well.

Surprisingly, many stalls weren’t open yet though several restaurants on the premisis were. The original plan was to come here to just buy fish but the place closest to our car had a lovely variety of fresh produce so I stocked up.

I bought some things I was familiar with:

And purchased (or photographed) some things that were new:

            (I know what garlic is but I needed a vertical photo to fill the space :))

Then we moved deeper into the market and on to the fish. I ended up with some blue marlin and milk fish but there was a good assortment:

Even on a quiet Saturday morning it was quite the sensory experience: brightly colored produce, screaming vendors, scrawny stray cats, leering ladyboys still dressed from clubbing last night, dead cockroaches, dirty knives, cheap plastic toys, pungent smells–oh and let’s not forget the gigantic rat that practically ran over Coco’s foot!

It wasn’t all bad. The prices were very low and I tried some tamarind for the first time and fell in love. Have you tried tamarind? Similar to dates, except I hate dates. These are good!

Seafront fish market? Definitely worth doing. Not sure if worth repeating.

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One Response to Trip to the Wetmarket

  1. Kgchrissy says:

    Love tamarind you have to try tamarind balls they’re amazing. The “ladyboys still dressed from clubbing” line had me dying laughing !

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