Artsy Weekend

On Sunday when we had the whole day to ourselves we did some shopping. First, I took Coco to buy a bunch of art supplies so we can craft (can that be a verb?) every weekend. The goal for Sunday was watercolor. I was inspired by an article about art for young children which pointed out the difference between process and product. I have been doing crafts with her with an end product in mind like the reindeer, the gingerbread man and the skunk.

At her age it really should be more about the process. You would think I would know that. So with that in mind I wanted to buy some materials and just let her explore. I gave her a quick lesson about how to keep the brush wet and how to not mix the colors in the box and then I let her just paint (even when she insisted on using two brushes for a while). She was concentrating so hard but she had fun and she was proud of her first watercolor painting!

She was so incredibly good all day so later, when we were grocery shopping and I spied the recorder, I happily picked it up for her. She was so cute blowing into the wrong end at first. I showed her how to play and she loved it! She kept calling it her “trumpet” 🙂

I also did my first twists! I  think they came out great! What do you think?

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2 Responses to Artsy Weekend

  1. Jessi says:

    the twists look great. Excellent book choice too…. is it helping her self image at all?

    • Joy says:

      thanks! the book is great because she can relate to it. yes, i do think it helps.. although she says things like, “I don’t like my skin” 😦

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