Coconut Oil Detox – Day 2

5:00 am – woke up, still a bit tired, stomach cramps

5:20 am – in bathroom, it’s starting.. stomach cramps gone, went back to sleep

7:30 am – woke up for second time, no cramps but joints very achy

8:15 am – half cup of plain yogurt with 1T oil mixed in and a sprinkling of cinnamon

11 am – 1 glass of lemonade and tried to eat 2 frozen oil cubes but I gagged and practically vomited right there on the floor. I could not get anymore down. I am officially done with all this coconut oil! In a minute I am going to hate coconut. As of this moment I am switching to veggies.

2:30 pm – a bite of pineapple (given to me by Coco) from a store display

4:00 pm – a slice of watermelon, 6 baby carrots, a banana and 3 sections of pomello (though I went to fruits and veggies two days early I was still really proud of myself for sticking to just fruits and veggies because we were at a party and there was pizza and frozen yogurt and cookies and beer!)

6:30 pm – 3/4 of an apple

It’s now 7:45 pm and I am tired. The achy joint pain has subsided though and I’m not hungry. Day 3 will continue with fruits and vegetables. I look forward to seeing if Day 3 (or maybe Day 4 since I started with oil) will make me feel like it did 9 years ago when I detoxed by just eating fruits and veggies. Like I mentioned before, on Day 3 of that detox (which only lasted 3 days because I was so hungry) I felt the best I had ever felt in my entire adult life! If I weren’t famished I might have become vegan on the spot. This time if I feel hungry I will eat some coconut oil (but probably stir fry some veggies in it instead of doing it off a spoon).

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2 Responses to Coconut Oil Detox – Day 2

  1. edpe says:

    I know it’s late but would you try mixing the two tablespoons of CO into 4 oz of water and drinking it like that instead? Much easier.

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