Detox Day 3 and beyond

Well that was really, really hard. I couldn’t manage. Below you can read about day 3 and further plans. I am sure it was working because I felt like crap but even though I wasn’t hungry, I hated every minute of it. And I never did feel good like I did on my fruit/veggie detox I did years ago. Not all bad news though. See below..

Day 3       Slept 6 hours (11-5), still a tiny bit congested, slightly tired

When I woke up I did the Candida test. I was very discouraged with what I saw. If you aren’t familiar with this easy at home test, basically what you do is upon waking you spit some saliva into a glass of room temperature water (I left some by my bed overnight). Then leave the glass for about 15 minutes then come back to observe. If you see your saliva still floating on the top then you probably don’t have an issue with candida. However, if you see strings hanging down, specks throughout or a pool of saliva at the bottom that most likely you have a problem. I had all three. Not that I’m surprised. With this information I really need to continue with the fast but it is making me hate coconut oil and that is not the desired result! Anyways, what did I eat on Day 3?

5:45 am – a glass of water with lemon

7 am– pechay, zucchini and onions sautéed in coconut oil                     

9:15 am – more of the same                                                                       

1:30 pm – an apple (slightly hungry)                                                   

3:15 pm – rest of the veggies                                                                    

5:15 pm – small bowl of shredded coconut                                                

6:15 pm – zucchini sautéed in coconut oil and garlic with coconut flakes and lemonade with Stevia

This was the last day of my detox. I know I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to (rid myself completely of candida) and I recognize I will have to do something again later. I do find, however, that my sugar cravings have completely diminished which is surprising and wonderful. I still love baked goods and will no doubt eat them in the future (uh, can anyone say Thailand?) but now it is much, much easier to say no. I am writing this on Day 4 and I am still eating very clean. Not detoxing, but clean eating. This morning someone offered me a delicious-looking, home-baked chocolate chip muffin and I was able to say no very easily. I have also lost weight. I put on some pants this morning that I bought at Christmas and they were very loose! But best of all, I think my ringworm is gone! I go back to the doctor this weekend to find out for sure but just in case I going to continue to avoid sugar and grains. So, all in all it was successful in many ways.

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