Resolutions Update – March

Short Term Goals:

1. Sign Coco up for ballet lessons Done! πŸ™‚

2. Sign myself up for tennis lessons – not yet

3. Put $1000 in emergency fund – Done! πŸ™‚

4. Pay off Amex – not yet

5. Pay my Mom back – not yet

6. Create some weekly family rituals – #1: Sunday is hair day

7. Create 3 photo books of important events – not yet

8. Lose 10 poundsΒ  – I don’t know what my starting weight was! Let’s say it was 150. Assuming that’s accurate, then as of today I have lost 5 pounds.

9. Back up all photos in two or more places – nope

10. Read camera manual – no, but I pinned a couple of DSLR tutorials πŸ™‚

11. Make Coco’s lifebook – nope

12. Pay off home equity line of credit – why did I put this as a short-term goal for 2012??? Hate to modify AGAIN but this just isn’t realistic– not to mention it makes more sense to pay off Visa first. A better goal is to pay Visa a certain amount. Let’s go with $10,000. So far I’ve paid $3500. Pay Visa $10,000.

13. Complete a 30 Day Paleo Challenge – not yet but this was just added

14. Take Coco to Hong Kong Disneyland – just added (fun 4th birthday idea!!)

15. Teach Coco how to spell and write her name, count to 20 orally and count to 10 with 1:1 correspondence – added cause I realized she can’t do any of these things and is about to turn 4


Year-Long Goals:

1. Reduce sugar, flour, caffeine, and processed foods – no coffee, minimal dark chocolate this month; reduced sugar, flour and processed foods considerably

2. Make working out a habit (yoga, tapes, tennis and/or kettlebells)- zilch

3. Become conversational in Spanish – I know this sounds crazy but I don’t want this on here anymore. I realized it’s not needed this year. This time next year I will know where we are moving (if anywhere) and I can start the language of that country then. It might be Spanish, but it also might be French, Portuguese or Amharic! No point in this added pressure so I’m packing away the Spanish phrasebook for now and giving myself a break. If anything I should learn Tagalog or Filipino so I can converse with taxi drivers. And of course I have the added benefit of having a live in yaya and a full-time TA who can help with pronunciation and grammar. And of course, this will be especially useful if I stay another year or two! So, if anything, it would be to become conversational in Tagalog or Filipino (but the jury’s still out if I want to pursue this or not..) so let’s go with new goal: Be asleep by 10 pm (I have a terrible habit of staying up late blogging and Pinning stuff and writing emails.Β  Bad for my health!)

4. Post a photo for every day of 2012 at MODIFYING to add: and post 2x week or more on Joy and Coconut– yup

5. Take coconut oil daily – MODIFYING: Eat some form of coconut daily

This month was semi-productive but I look forward to next month’s update because I know it’s going to show that I’ve accomplished a ton! How are your resolutions coming along? Have you modified them or met some goals? Scrapped them?

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2 Responses to Resolutions Update – March

  1. Leo says:

    Brilliant for the Tagalog and scrapping the spanish. It also shows Coco that it’s way cool to learn the language, or at least some of the language of the country one is in πŸ™‚ Since she’s little, is she picking up any? Little ones are such sponges! I did not really make resolutions or plans this year, except a really vague ne to get healthy, and zip zip on that one. Is way too vague. Maybe I’m not really committed to that one. Maybe I’m not ready. Ha, or maybe I’ll just sit down and think of very concrete ways to get there by steps and write them down like you do πŸ™‚ Another goal was to go to Fance to see family with my little one this Spring since we had to postpone at Christmas because of work. Well, because of work, I need to postpone again… ugh. But without work, I wouldn’t have the means to go so…. I think now it will be July. HOpe hope hope it doesn’t get pushed again. So happy that you’re settling in so well, and that the new yaya is so good and cooks so well πŸ™‚ Leo

    • Joy says:

      she has picked up some.maybe i should tell the yaya to speak to her in tagalog! hope you get to france in july! πŸ™‚

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