Singapore and Thailand

We just returned from 8 days in Singapore and Phuket, Thailand!! The trip was amazing, refreshing and enriching and I had so much fun spending uninterrupted time with Coco. She continues to be an amazing traveler: flexible, energetic and curious, and great on planes and boats. I took about 1,000 photos (no exaggeration) so I will need to break up the trip into a series of posts. In short though, I found Singapore to be incredibly clean, organized, green and modern. We were only there for a short layover and I look forward to going back at some point to really explore. We stayed in Phuket for a week and enjoyed foot massages, amazing food, glorious weather and gorgeous beaches. Both cities far outrank Manila in so many ways (weather, food, infrastructure, cleanliness, traffic, etc., etc., etc.) and both are places I could easily see us living if we remain in Asia. Here are a few shots of us en route, with much more to come:

first piece of gum (which she promptly swallowed)

sign I saw before we took off..

Coco thought taking off was so much fun!

arriving in Singapore (I was so excited to be out of Manila!!!)

Let vacation begin!!!

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