30 Day Challenge

I know you want to see the next batch of vacation photos and they are coming but as usual work is c.r.a.z.y. I know! It was the first day back after break. What can I say, they hit the ground running over there. All the time. And I have a ton of other crap on my plate along with the crazy job like taxes and dermatology appointments and moving and summer plans. There is hardly any time to breathe! So, yes, I will post photos from Thailand but I don’t have the time to sort through them and crop them and upload them and write a detailed post right now so instead I will do a mini health update.

Okay, first of all I went to the dermatologist today and guess what? My ringworm is finally GONE!!!  Halleluia! She was determined to start me on oral medication today if it was still there so that is very good news. In other news, she talked me into getting pulsed dye laser treatments done on my spider veins. My legs are uglier than the melasma which is darkening. “That is next”, she said. I told her I was applying apple cider vinegar to my face to fade it and she burst out laughing and told me if it worked we should go into business together. Man I want to prove her wrong so badly almost as much as I want the damn spots to fade!! Today was the first application. I heard it takes about a month to see results so I will keep you posted.

In other health news I started what I’ve coined ’30 Days of Wellness’. I was going to do 30 Day Paleo but I wanted to modify it a bit to include fruit and coffee and beans. But I am cutting out the main stuff: sugars (fruit and coconut sugar okay in moderation), alcohol, processed foods, grains (all grains including wheat, oats, rice, etc.) and eliminating all fats except coconut oil, olive oil and butter (the one dairy item I’m allowing).

In addition to a healthy, clean diet I am striving to drink tons of water, do some exercise, meditate daily, stretch, live without much stress, unplug at least an hour before bedtime and get lots of sleep. Surprisingly, these things are harder to do than eating properly.

I spent over $150 on groceries, have two friends at work on board with me and took some wicked depressing/motivating before shots from front, side and back of me in an orange bikini my ex-boyfriend bought me in 1998. It’s way too small now which didn’t help but I hope to be able to rock it by fall. It’s still in great condition since it was always too small and too sexy for me to sport properly. Tomorrow I take measurements and weigh-in (forgot to do that today). Weight loss or inches lost isn’t the goal though. It would be nice, don’t get me wrong, by my main focus is health. I want to feel better! I want energy and I want to sleep soundly at night for starters.

And for enders, yikes! it’s after midnight and I am still online! Not good. So good night.

Peace out, y’all. for real. Sweet dreams.

Oh, and let me know if you want to join me on this or your own version of the 30 Days of Wellness challenge!!!!

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2 Responses to 30 Day Challenge

  1. AuntB says:

    Hi Joy. As you know, I look forward to your posts & I love them all! Re the 30 day challenge – I do admire your fortitude & I know I could never be so dedicated & I do worry when it seems that you talk of feeling so tired & head-achy. Hmm. Anyway, I wish you lots of luck & I’m sure men will be swooning at your feet when you emerge in that orange bikini
    Lots of love. AuntB

    • Joy says:

      Hi Aunt B! So nice to see you post a comment!!! I worry too but the headaches but the 2.5 day one went away the instant I had a cup of coffee so maybe I have a caffeine addiction! Anyhoo, I am on the road to health now – 4 days into my 30 day challenge and I am completely motivated and have no hunger or cravings. Yay! Wish me luck!!

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