Butterfly Garden

I read that Phuket had a lovely butterfly garden. It was quite a ways away from our hotel so we decided to make a day of it. We went out to breakfast then hired a tuk tuk (an open air taxi) to drive us out there, stopping on the way to get some snacks and drinks and for a foot massage (and by ‘we’ I mean my friend Tracy, from Abu Dhabi, who we vacationed with all week.) 🙂

Our hotel offered a buffet breakfast which we ate the first day until we realized how much 650 Thai Bhat was. It was good but not that good! Not worth $21USD that’s for sure even if Coco got to eat free. So on the butterfly morning we grabbed food in town for much less. Then I bought a cute dress for super cheap which I changed into because it was blazing hot and we headed out to see the butterflies.That girl loves her bread! I don’t buy it because I don’t eat grains and wheat’s not good for you anyways but I am totally lax on vacation..I even ate some! I didn’t think she thought much about it but tonight she was naming some foods she saw in a book and she was like, “pizza, grapes, cheese, bread… we don’t eat bread… strawberries, yogurt…” I had to laugh.

Look at the jelly packets she stacked up in the ceramic ash tray. 🙂Raise your hand if you’re three years old.Paying the check.View from our little outdoor restaurant table.The waiter called her over to hand her something and I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough to capture the exact exchange but here she is with the little umbrella.The street where the store was where I bought my cute little dress.After changing into my dress we hired a tuk tuk for the afternoon.



She reminded me she’s almost 4. Seriously, please stop!!!



                                         Isn’t the dress cute? It cost less than the hotel breakfast!

Anyhoo, after riding for a while we finally arrived at the Phuket Butterfly Garden. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I expected that it was going to swarming with butterflies of every color, shape and size. Yeah, no. It was just okay.

What I liked about it though was seeing Coco being so excited about the butterflies landing on her. Not too long ago she was a bit rough with a butterfly she caught. His wings got a bit crumpled as she was handling him. She really wants a pet but I convinced her she should let that butterfly go and he was able to fly away. Since then we have had conversations about how you must be gentle with animals and insects and I swear she has really taken it to heart. Her teachers have even commented on how she has the biggest heart for the smallest of insects and is so careful that no one steps on them or hurts them. She really, really loves animals. All animals. So, when we first got to the butterfly garden and they weren’t flying to her to eat the food she was carrying (they gave you some at the entrance) she was quite disappointed, but eventually they did come to her and even landed right on her. She’s quite the butterfly whisperer cause neither Tracy nor I had that happen to us!



So, no, it wasn’t the most impressive butterfly display in the world but getting these pictures made it worth every cent baht.

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