Beach at Night



We went down to the beach to try and see the sunset but arrived just a bit too late. No worries! She got to play in the sand and the water before we headed off to dinner. The restaurant was a stone’s throw away with the most incredible view.

We sat outside and enjoyed the live band. Coco made friends with the waiter after he gave her a fresh string bean. And since we were the only customers in the restaurant that night they invited Coco up to sing into the mike.


What did she sing? A made up song that went like this: “I love my mommy! I love my mommy! I love my mommy! I love my mommy!” Most unfortunately my camera battery died so I didn’t capture it on video but it was quite cute!

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One Response to Beach at Night

  1. Jessi says:

    Too cute! I love how amazing the people are everywhere you go.

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