Elephant Trekking

So, okay, I’m sure the elephants don’t choose to do this but it was just such a Thailand thing to do. Yup, we rode on elephants! I knew Coco would get a kick out of it but I wasn’t prepared for how scared I would be! I was sure we were going to fall off his back and get trampled to death (part of this not being his choice and all..) Thankfully that didn’t happen and I can now cross it off my bucket list. And it is kinda cool to have these pics to show my grandchildren. Gotta have grandkid pics to show! Reminded me of the book Miss Rumphius. Do you know that story? Miss Rumphius wanted to travel to far away places, live by the sea when she grew up and leave the world more beautiful. I love those three sentiments and I think they are good things to live by. I am currently traveling to far away places (and taking pics to show the grandkids), I hope to live by the sea and will strive to leave the world more beautiful. In the story she plants lupines everywhere to make the world more beautiful. But I digress… where was I? Oh, yes! Elephant trekking!

   Our ‘driver’

After the ride I bought some bananas for a treat for our elephant. He ate two dozen banana, skin and all, in about 3o seconds!


More, please! 🙂

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