Phi Phi Island and Monkey Beach

My friend Tracy arrived a day or two before us and booked an excursion to Phi Phi Island and Monkey Beach before we got there. I wanted to check out Krabi Beach which I had heard was beautiful but we decided to book the same tour as she. Tracy loved Phi Phi Island and was able to appreciate the natural beauty but it was overrun with tourists that I couldn’t relax thinking I was going to lose Coco in the crowd. See what I mean?Ridiculous.

But I loved Monkey Beach!


They had fresh coconut juice, pineapple and watermelon!

Cut into hearts? Isn’t that cute?

There were also MONKEYS!


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5 Responses to Phi Phi Island and Monkey Beach

  1. Jessi says:

    Coco is much more adverturous than me. I would be freaking out with a monkey on my shoulder!

  2. Heidi Faber says:

    Gorgoeus photos! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  3. Laurie says:

    Wow-beautiful! Such a change from when I was there 18 years ago. The beach was almost empty then. Glad you guys had fun…

  4. k says:

    Wow, these pictures of Thailand are amazing! I love the beaches. I will have to put this destination on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

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