Insects, Ice Cream and Smiles

What on earth does that title mean? Eh, trying (and failing) to think of a good post title to bring all these pictures together. What can I say? It’s a mish mash. 🙂 Warning: very picture-heavy post ahead. And they are mostly of us for friends and family. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, sorry. One last batch of Thailand scenery photos is coming!


My silly, smiling girl. She still picks me flowers every chance she gets. Little sweetie.I  have mentioned this on here several times, but Coco loves animals and insects and basically anything to do with nature and the outdoors. See what I mean?



I thought she was going to be a vegetarian but now I think she might be a veterinarian.Wish I had more picture of the amazing food and drinks in Phuket!

Coco had a coconut shake. Tracy and I had mojitos & margharitas! Everyone was happy. 🙂  Go Coco, it’s your birthday! Get it, get it! 🙂 That girl loves to dance!         


Isn’t vacationing the best?! Oh, to be independently wealthy and live a life of leisure!

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