Scenes around Phuket

And finally, I will wrap up with these very picture heavy posts with even more scenes around Phuket. I loved traveling to Phuket and very much enjoyed Patong Beach where we stayed. There is so much to do and see, the beaches are beautiful and the food is amazing!!

   little bottles of gas for sale along the road for the motorcycles and scooters..not sure what the helmet laws are..fresh seafood, anyone?


          not sure why this fruit was banned from the hotel…??

I highly recommend it as a travel destination. We will be back for sure! Until next time…

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3 Responses to Scenes around Phuket

  1. Each picture tells a thousand stories. It looks like you and Coco had a fantastic time.
    In years to come Coco will remember she had a out of the world birthday.

    Enjoy the holiday glow.


  2. kellycamille says:

    Durian smells like rotten eggs which is probably why it was banned. P U!

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