Happy Easter 2012

The Easter bunny was a little lame this year. We arrived back to Manila late Saturday night but thankfully he had the presence of mind to craftily purchase three chocolate eggs (because Coco is 3) in the Singapore airport and hide them after midnight when Coco finally fell asleep! Next year there will be Easter rituals in place (church, egg dying, egg hunt, basket!) but she was happy with finding these. Meanwhile, look how cute!!

Easter 2011 (age 2)


And Easter 2010 (age 22 months) Awww.. she was such a little munchkin then!!

I also took her to Rock Creek Park that year to get pictures in her Easter dress. Too cute!!

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One Response to Happy Easter 2012

  1. Sen says:

    Awwww! How cute! She has grown so much in 2 years. Also, love the vacation pictures. Keep the inspiration coming. Make it a great week!


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