Before School

Here are a few pictures of Coco in the past weeks before she walked out the door to catch the bus. The routine is pretty much the same every day. The yaya is trying to put her shoes on and she is complaining because she wants to get up to kiss and hug me.

Coco: “I want to kiss my mommy! I want to hug my mommy!”

The yaya: “Okay, but let’s put on your shoes first.”

Coco: “No! I want to kiss my mommy!!”

Me: “Not until your shoes are on.”

Coco: “Okay…”

When shoes are on she runs to find me to give a hug and a kiss. Then I grab a photo and she and the yaya head out the door to catch the elevator. Before I have even shut the door though I always hear her say to the yaya, “I need to give my mommy a hug and a kiss” and she runs back to the  apartment. We hug and kiss again and I tell her I love her and to listen to her teachers. Often as she is walking back to the elevator our Japanese neighbors from across the hall are leaving their apartment. As I am closing the apartment door I hear her saying, “I have a mommy. That’s my mommy. I love my mommy. I went to kiss my mommy.”

Oh my goodness, that makes my heart melt every time! I tear up when I hear it. Man, I love my kid to pieces!!


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2 Responses to Before School

  1. Heidi Faber says:

    She’s so cute! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten! Love the pictures! ❤

  2. JEssi says:

    haha. I don’t see shoes in the middle picture. Guess sometimes its easier to give in then to argue 🙂

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