I Hate Wasting Time

I just spent hours fighting exhaustion to complete a photo book before heading to bed and then damn thing didn’t save! I could seriously cry! It was an adorable book of Coco’s 2nd birthday party with all the text and arrangements and I was ready to order.. and nope. Damn. That totally sucked.

In other news I worked my ass off today. On a Saturday. At work. I can’t believe how much there always is to do at that place but in just a few short weeks we will be heading off for vacation again. Thank goodness! I am so ready! But before then besides all the insane craziness that is my job, I need to hire movers, pick paint colors, hire painters, plan a mini trip for Coco’s birthday/you made it through one year in Manila, make some doctor’s appointments, buy a bed for the yaya and a million other things. I really didn’t have two hours to waste on designing a gorgeous photo book that got lost in cyberspace! I could seriously cry. Well, not really. A few years ago I probably would have but now I am just calmly infuriated by the waste of precious creative energy and time. So to make myself feel (slightly) better I will add some cute pics of Coco hiding from the yaya under my desk trying to avoid a bath. Silly girl.

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