Indecisive Much?

Dear M,

I have an unusual request to make and thought you would be the best person to address about this first.  I was assigned a house which I love and was thrilled to get. However, since then some things have come up and I think it may not be the best fit. I am a little concerned about the security of living in a village.. In addition, my yaya has expressed to me she is not thrilled about moving into a house and although she doesn’t really have a say in the matter, I do want her to be happy and not quit. She is my third yaya and she is fantastic and I really need her to continue working for me. Finally, financially living in a condo makes more sense. For example…

I know I am already assigned …and a lease has been signed…However, I also know that…has not been assigned housing yet and this is within her budget. Perhaps she can be given this house? I am also aware that… has not been reassigned. I would like to move into this unit specifically…it meets my needs.

If it is not available, I will be content staying in my current assignment…


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