Why Would You Go and Do a Thing Like That?

Yeah, I asked if I could get out of the house and go for the condo. Two months after the deadline. Crazy, I know, especially after all that deliberation. Why? Money and convenience. When I was deliberating I realized it came down to two things: money or comfort and I chose comfort. Well, the realist cheapskate in me decided money was more important after all. That and it is safer and the yaya will be happier. Yes, we will be crammed in there on top of each other and, no, I won’t have any private outdoor space or room for guests but let’s face it – no one is coming to visit me anyways and I can use the money saved for other things. No pictures to share, it’s nothing special but it’s clean and convenient and has a tub. The sprinkler I bought Coco for her birthday? It can be put into storage. The grill can be sold. And we will be fine. I find out tomorrow if it is still available. If not, I will be fine with the house. Really, it’s adorable. Both are fine. Keep ya posted.

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2 Responses to Why Would You Go and Do a Thing Like That?

  1. kikielaine says:

    If yaya’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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