Bye-Bye House, Hello Condo

1. the yaya wasn’t feeling the house (mosquitoes, roaches, outdoor space for her to maintain, farther from taxis to get to Coco’s lessons, hated her room, etc.) OK – she is my employee and doesn’t really get a say BUT i don’t want her to be unhappy and quit cause i like her and i need her and can’t bear the thought of hiring someone new

2. i will use the club more often if all i have to do is ride the elevator down. it’s probably only a ten min drive max with parking etc. from the house but it’s a drive. gotta get in the car, car seat if Coco goes, gotta find parking, etc. just faster overall if i can just go downstairs and i will certainly be more apt to do it — especially during rainy season

3. not only is club closer but bldg is attached to a mall so can walk (and not get wet) to grocery store, stores, restaurants, spa

4. can order from restaurants and sign a bill like room service and be charged at the end of the month

5. safer/security better especially when i’m out of town. this is especially important when i go out of town next year on business to HK or singapore. in a condo the yaya won’t be allowed to easily leave the premises with my child. the guards would want to know who she was and where she was taking Coco (not that she would do this but it just gives me more peace of mind)

6. not confirmed but i think this also means i can join the club for free instead of paying the initiation fee. this is HUGE. that money can go towards a vacation or a bill

7. don’t have to buy bed for yaya and other furnishings cause it’s so small. a lamp or two and some sheets for my yaya and that’s about it

8. won’t feel obligated to get a cat

9. my new room is large so i can put my vision board in there and computer and then shut my door when i leave. and coco will have her own bathroom with a tub which will be nice.

10. i can go to the gym or pool for short stretches without any hassle. run to the pool for an hour. forget sunscreen? no problem. text the yaya to bring it down. got 20 min? go down and hop on the treadmill. want to go get a glass on wine? go downstairs and sit at the bar and no worries about driving home.

in the long run it’s about saving money and actually using the gym plus the ease of getting to everything. after i thought about it (for 2 months – LOL) i realized that those things trumped the extra room (though i will miss the art space), the outdoor space (bye-bye Tuesday night grilling) and the ability to entertain and have guests.  cause you know what? i will be working out several times a week and going to the mall for groceries or a glass of wine regularly, but how often am i going to entertain or have out of town guests?

condo it is.

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2 Responses to Bye-Bye House, Hello Condo

  1. Hi Joy,

    Just stopping by to say that I really enjoy your blog. I recently discovered your older blog and now that I am caught up, I have made the move to this one 🙂 I am hoping to be in your shoes with a little one of my own in a year or two (I am just starting the process). So much of your journey resonated with me especially deciding which adoption route to take. I hope everything works out for you. Good Luck!

    • Joy says:

      Aw, thank you. I’m glad you caught the old blog before I had to close it (spam – boo)
      Good luck on your process. It can be long and tough but so worth it in the end! 🙂

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