Off to School Photography

In an effort to practice using my DSLR camera (until I get around to reading the manual) I pulled it out a few mornings this week to get the before-school photos. I still have no idea what I am doing but I just play around with the different settings. Most shots aren’t any good but I surprise myself  sometimes when I manage to snap a good one here and there. Picture 1: This one is just okay. The adorable subject makes it look like a pretty decent shot but I don’t like the shadows from the flash.

Picture 2: Even with the shadows, the one below is better. I actually love the picture but it was just the luck of the draw. The cute subject and pose make the picture decent.

I tried again the next day. Since the hallway shot turned out better for whatever reason l tried that again.

Picture 3: Another cute picture but it wasn’t because of being in the hallway. It was just luck. And her adorable expression. But I can see weird lighting on her forehead and the black parts of the elevator. The flash is not my friend.

I tried again yesterday. This time I went for natural light again since that is supposed to be easier for novices.

Picture 4:

Nope, natural is not easier – at least not when you are indoors. Okay, it’s confirmed. I get some great shots because she’s cute. My skills are poor.

Here are a few more before-school pictures from this week:

It’s good one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to improve my photography skills! It’s mid-May and my pictures are no better that they were in January! So for the rest of the month I am going to focus on just one new thing to practice: aperture. I read this tutorial and I am going to use her tips for the next couple of weeks and see what I get!

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2 Responses to Off to School Photography

  1. Sen says:

    I’m still learning how to use a point and shoot camera and my Iphone camera. LOL! I love beautiful pictures so I will keep trying. Your pictures aren’t bad plus the subject is too cute. 🙂
    I read the Long Road to China, Do they have Salsa in China and Ni Hao Yall; their blogs have beautiful pictures and great tips for taking better pictures. I love photo blogs! You guys are so far ahead of me with your DSLR cameras. Keep trying; it will come to you.

    Enjoy your day and Happy Mother’s Day!

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