Happy Mother’s Day

Coco’s last art class was on Thursday and she made me a Mother’s Day gift. I was so happy because her teachers at school didn’t have them do anything for the mommas! When she got home early that evening from playing on the playground she heard me inside the apartment from the hallway. I could hear her screaming my name excitedly, “Mama? Mama?!” “Yes, Pumpkin, I’m  home.” As soon as her yaya unlocked the door she came tearing in, threw open the drawer  in the hall and grabbed my gift. “Mama! I made something special for you!!!” she yelled as she flung open the box and my necklace dropped to the floor. “Do you like it, Mama? Do you like it?” The whole scene was very, very sweet.

This morning we went to the Sunday market for some chicken, almond milk and coconut oil. Doggie came, too. Coco insisted on putting a “losh” on him. I heart our Sunday Market.


Coco got compliments on her hat and many people wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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One Response to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Sen says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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