Fun Farm – part 2

So after battling crazy traffic and sign-less roads, we arrived at the Fun Farm. It was so serene and so clean and so country and so green.

It was love at first sight. And then to see these fun activities for kids?! Tire swings, tree houses to climb, horseback riding, obstacle courses, boating, fishing! It was like a summer camp! I was in heaven and so was Coco.

I knew moments after arriving that despite the horrific traffic we would be back – often. We wandered around for a while and then I ran into T. She introduced me to a few adoptive moms and showed us to the enormous spread of assorted sandwiches to which she insisted we all help ourselves. Coco had no interest in eating; she wanted to run around and explore. I don’t blame her so did I and she is an outdoorsy girl at heart.

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3 Responses to Fun Farm – part 2

  1. AuntB says:

    What a great place & what a fun day it must have been! Knowing her love of animals, Coco must have been delirious with all those sheep & cows all around – and all because you happened to overhear a conversation planning a party! Amazing ! I’m hoping this new find will help make your second Philippine year a more positive experience than the first ! Love & hugs to you both & we look forward to seeing you ere long! AuntB

  2. kikielaine says:

    Oh WOW this is awesome!

  3. Jessi says:

    that looks amazing! It makes me want to go play.

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