I Take on and Talk Too Much

I came here to simplify my life. I wanted to focus on living healthy lifestyle and spending time with my daughter. I had no idea my job was going to be so all-consuming and I had no idea Manila was going to be such a difficult place to live. I wasn’t expecting to get ringworm and melasma and to be so overworked and exhausted. It has been much harder than I expected.

As this first year is drawing to a close I have started to analyze what changes I need to make in order to accomplish my initial goals. You would think with full-time live-in help I would be relaxed and have all the time in the world but in reality it was an uphill battle all year. My job was incredibly taxing and my first two employees weren’t any good. And Coco’s adjustment took awhile as well. Man, it was hard!

I have another year on my contract so finding a way to make being here livable is critical but I have also been trying to figure out a way to make it enjoyable. To begin with, I have made the decision to give up my leadership position at work. It came with a good chunk of money and a hefty amount of responsibilities but those really aren’t important to me. I would rather have need to have less stress, better health and time with Coco. By giving this up I will easily free up ten hours of work a week and most of my job-related stress. We will start year 2 with our current yaya who is great. We will be living in our new apartment. It’s small but my new bedroom is bigger and so much nicer and we will be living in a cleaner, greener area. The commute to work will be shorter by about ten minutes. And we will have membership to the club.

All of these things are good and I am looking forward to all these changes but I realized I haven’t helped things by piling more stress onto my life. Improve photography, learn a language, improve my health, research fantastic meals, be an awesome employee, take classes, make new friends, stay in touch with folks back home, travel, decorate the house, research how to cure all my ailments, be an awesome parent, figure out how to be location independent plus plan a second career??? Did I really think I could do all this? Well, I can’t.

So what goes? Unless necessary, everything that doesn’t bring me joy. Period. Gotta do some job-stuff, some parenting stuff, want to live to old age but everything else that I don’t love goes. And as much as I love blogging I realize I spend too much time on here writing these long-winded posts that most people probably don’t care about. Time to streamline! Time to focus.

I came here to simplify, my life is not simple. So I am changing that starting today. And you know what? I refuse to write it all down here because, well, that would make this post that is already long, that much longer. It’s not necessary. In fact, on this note I am ending this bitch right here.

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5 Responses to I Take on and Talk Too Much

  1. Melissa says:

    Good for You!!!!!

  2. De says:

    I will miss you.

    • Joy says:

      i’m not going to stop blogging!! i am just going to pare down my posts. it is a record of us that i love to keep but i just need time for other things!!!

  3. ethiopiaadopt says:

    You are too funny. Although we know you in a virtual world many of us do care. I find blogging is therapeutic for me even if no one reads it. Maybe it’s the same for you. Although it was a lot easier to follow you on blogger for me. Your posts came up when I logged in to post.

    I’m glad you’re finding a way to simplify life. A live-in help is not as great as some think. There are pros and cons to it and the first one doesn’t always work out or they change after time passes. It takes lots of time to find and then train them. More than we realize. I’m glad at times I don’t have a live-in anymore but then I times I miss it. Especially when I have things to do out of school hours.

    Just think you’ll have a year to visit more beaches and that green camp you visited last weeks..

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