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I’m Really Annoyed

This photo drama really has me hating WordPress or hating myself for not understanding photo resizing. I am completely frustrated and am about to go back to blogging at Blogger where I never had this issue to just avoid the … Continue reading

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Blogging Problem

WordPress informed me as I was creating a post today that I have used up all the space in my media library and can’t upload any more images. I am sick because I have no idea how to resize a … Continue reading

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The End of the School Year Wrap Up

As soon as school got out and we got back from our trip to Cebu we moved in to our new apartment. I like it so much better and Coco is glad there are no longer any ghosts living with … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Here are ten lesson learned from the past few days in the States. These lessons aren’t new really but things that I had taken for granted when living here before. Being in Manila for a year just makes these all … Continue reading

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I Have Changed

I have no business writing a blog post with the number of things on my to do list and the limited amount of time to do them. We leave for the States on Friday for a month! Yay! I am … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Coco was so happy to unwrap Neigh and put a crown on him to ‘make him more bootiful.’ She cracked me up when she saw the movers wrapping him in plastic. She shook her head and muttered to herself, “Neigh … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Birthday to Coco

Wow, she’s 4. I can NOT believe it! No one told me she would grow up so quickly! It’s crazy. Ahh, but here I am, the mother of a four-year old. (I know, in ten years I will be looking … Continue reading

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