Letter to the Birthday Girl

Dear Pumpkin,

Today is your 4th birthday. I can’t believe it! You are growing up so fast right before my eyes! It seems like just yesterday that I met you in Ethiopia and became your mother. You were so small and so adorable and here we are celebrating another year of your life. Now you are a tall and charismatic little girl, no longer a baby or a toddler– though like I tell you all the time, you will always be Mommy’s baby. 🙂

Four words to describe you are loving, funny, observant and strong.

1. Loving: You love to give hugs and kisses! You are so sweet and affectionate and you are constantly giving me hugs and kisses all day long.  You also tell me you love me each day. Not one single day goes by where you don’t say “I love you” several times. In fact, sometimes you say it over 20x in one day!

2. Funny: You crack me up!!  You make silly faces and say and do funny things all the time. Not a day has gone by since you became my daughter that I haven’t smiled. You make each day brighter with your bright, sunny smile.

3. Observant: You notice things that I never would. You see mistakes in books all the time, like missing parts in the illustrations or when the colors are off. You also see the tiniest of insects crawling by and gingerly pick them up to examine them more closely. You really take your time to look at and think about what you are seeing around you.

4. Strong: You have been through a lot of changes in your short four years, yet you are so resilient, flexible and strong. You are also physically extremely strong. I have to be sure to block my teeth and limbs when you are being rough because you have the ability to knock out a tooth if you hit too hard!

And here are four things I love about you:

1. I love how thoughtful you are. When we are apart you think of me and go pick a flower to give to me when you get home. It is so sweet when you run in the front door grasping the flower and yelling, “Mommy! I have something special for you!”

2. I love how curious you are and how you love to do all sorts of activities when you play. You like dressing up like a princess and dancing and playing with dinosaurs and swords. You love your toy cars and your stuffed animals, especially Doggie. You have a great imagination and like to turn me into frogs and snakes. You like to examine ants and color and paint. You love playing with your friends.

3. I love how you have no fear at trying new things. Gives me a heart attack sometimes like when you jump off jungle gyms with no advanced warning yelling, “Catch me, Mommy!” but I know this fearlessness will serve you well as you grow into a confident, young adult.

4. I love how you ask me to sleep with you after reading our stories at night. “I want my Mommy to sleep to me” you say and even though I know I am going to fall asleep right next to you I find it hard to say no. I know it won’t be forever that you want your Momma right there as you drift off to sleep and it is such a special time we share.

You are my cheese/yogurt/chocolate/insect/Sponge Bob/juice/swimming pool/huggy/ animal-loving girl and you bring me so much joy! I love you always and forever, Pumpkin.

Mommy xoxo

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3 Responses to Letter to the Birthday Girl

  1. hazel says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Coco!

  2. Kgchrissy says:

    Aww this was beautiful. Happy Birthday Coco!

  3. Jessi says:

    I’m crying. I love you both. can’t wait to hear about her birthday!

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