Happy 4th Birthday to Coco

Wow, she’s 4. I can NOT believe it! No one told me she would grow up so quickly! It’s crazy. Ahh, but here I am, the mother of a four-year old. (I know, in ten years I will be looking at these days wistfully so I need to enjoy that she is really still young but, dang, wasn’t she just like this???)

And now here we are, four years old!!


Anyways, on to the birthday. It was so much fun!!! I wasn’t sure which traditions I was going to do until the last minute but I decided on gifts in her room to open as soon as she woke up, cupcakes of her choice (she asked for chocolate with strawberries), pictures of her holding up 4 fingers and basically giving in to her requests all day. 🙂  We also had a little swimming party –ok, it was really her last make-up lesson but we made it into a little party– and cake and more gifts at night. Here’s what it looked like in photos:

Tiana doll (from Princess and the Frog), Sponge Bob floor puzzle, telescope, playhouse

I love this playhouse! It’s large enough for several of her friends (or me :)) to fit into comfortably and it’s a snap to put together and take down. Seriously, 5 minutes tops!

Breakfast was chocolate pancakes. It was a chocolate kind of day in fact! They were gluten and sugar-free (almond flour and maple syrup) except for the chocolate sprinkles I added. Coco loves blowing out candles so I put a candle on her pancakes. She was thrilled!I think she liked ’em! 🙂 After playing with her new toys for a while it was off to swimming. Today was her last swimming lesson — we scheduled the make-up one for her birthday so we could a have a post-swim merienda with birthday cupcakes. It was a great idea since I was too overwhelmed with the end of the school year, moving and planning our vacations!    She loves her swimming teacher!

After swimming it was time for cupcakes! Coco loves Sponge Bob. Admittedly, she watches too much TV on the weekends (so I can blog, talk on the phone, catch up on emails, etc.) and she discovered Sponge Bob and loves him! Our new place doesn’t have a television per my request but for now I knew this would make her so happy so I requested Sponge Bob cupcakes. I had them made by a local woman who specializes in all-natural, all-organic baked goods with no preservatives, artificial colors, etc. They had wheat and sugar which was fine by me cause I sure didn’t have time to bake them! Coco loved them. She ate two!   She found a worm at the party and it was the biggest hit. She loved finding the worm waaay more than the cupcakes! She loved it so much she insisted on bringing it home. Ah, she was enamoured with it and it was her birthday! How could I say no?  I must have asked her twenty times today to show me how old she was. She indulged me each time! She also told everyone we ran into during the day that she was now four, too. 🙂   

Later that night I presented her with her last gift: a dog that walks and barks. She loved it!And then there was more cake/more Sponge Bob/more candles to blow out. So much fun!!She had a really great day. She was so happy. Happy birthday, Pumpkin! Love, Mommy xo

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4 Responses to Happy 4th Birthday to Coco

  1. hazel says:

    I love these pictures. What a beautiful and sweet, sweet child!

  2. Robyn says:

    It does seem like only yesterday she was so little… wow how time flies! She is growing up to be such a lovely little girl! Good job mommy 🙂 Happy Birthday Coco! love R & A

  3. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard says:

    a wonderful wonderful fourth birthday for our most darling Coco! Thank you,wonderful mommy!!!!!!!!!
    Love from Grandma….

  4. K says:

    Too precious for words!!!

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