The End of the School Year Wrap Up

As soon as school got out and we got back from our trip to Cebu we moved in to our new apartment. I like it so much better and Coco is glad there are no longer any ghosts living with us. Seriously, all year she complained of “the shadows” in her room. I asked her a few weeks ago why she says there are shadows and Mommy never sees them. She said, “that’s because they are here when I am here by myself and when you come in the room they go away.” Alrighty then. We’re both happy to be shadow-free in the new abode.

The new place is going to be painted and the floors are going to be redone while we are away. My yaya is staying to oversee the work and then she will go home to be with her family. I am looking forward to seeing how spruced up they make it in our absence. Before we left I spent many, many hours unpacking and putting things away. It was starting to feel a bit like home. Here is our new view from our new dining room.  Pretty nice, huh?

I decided to go TV-free in the new place. The landlord offered to buy us a flat screen but I declined. I never watched tons of TV anyway but Coco would beg to watch it every day and when I relented on weekends she would become a zombie in front of the tube, zoning out and her eyes would practically glaze over. She had an obsession with it begging me for it every day. That was annoying but it also seemed like it was causing her problems. I felt like she needed to build her attention span to other activities and choose and enjoy more creative activities to fill her time. It’s harder to not have it around as a crutch but she is doing all kinds of creative things, like the activity book I got her for her birthday:


Dressing up and dancing, going in a rocket to the moon and other shenanigans:


I think her favorite activity is dressing up! Look at all these creative outfits!!


And let’s not forget Neigh! Look at his makeover! LOL  I wonder if he likes it?? 🙂What else? The other day I noticed all these varieties of rice they sell in the market:I have been making smoothies for breakfast. I take a frozen banana, frozen mixed berries, a handful of spinach and a few almonds. Then I add water and ice to taste and one other fruit if there is some (apple, mango, etc.). Coco loves them. So glad I brought my Vitamix!!We left Manila ten days ago and are currently making our rounds visiting friends and family across the US. I am sooo happy to be home and will do posts on that very soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers so far! It has been really great for us.


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4 Responses to The End of the School Year Wrap Up

  1. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard says:

    Love all your details! So happy to see you and Coco in LA. Eager to know when you’ll get here! Aunt B will be in Boston from 7th to 11th and she wants to see you two !!!!!!! love…m….

  2. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard says:

    I really like this blog. My computer seems to be working at last! Hurray!

  3. kikielaine says:

    Hey, I don’t have your current email address, but it was great seeing you and Coco! K had a great time at the party. Have a wonderful visit home in the U.S. and a safe journey back to Manila.

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