Blogging Problem

WordPress informed me as I was creating a post today that I have used up all the space in my media library and can’t upload any more images. I am sick because I have no idea how to resize a YEAR’S worth of posted photos on the blog in order to make space for new ones!! I posted a desperate plea on the WordPress forum begging someone to help me with this but I don’t know if I will get help nor how long it will take to go back and fix ALL of my images. It’s especially frustrating because we are traveling and I have so many great photos taken and stories to tell. This never happened on Blogger but maybe it’s because I am using new cameras and the images are set to really large sizes. I hate not knowing how to resolve this on my own and I hate not being able to continue blogging normally!! So, sorry for the lack of posting until this is resolved. 😦


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24 Responses to Blogging Problem

  1. sholux says:

    I know I’ve been dropping so many comments on you, but this I just found this out today. I follow so many blogs and have always wondered how they post more than one picture in a post, using their flickr account. I’ve always wondered how they did it, (and just as I’m typing this I’m thinking to myself, idiot you should have just asked lol). Once you’ve set up a flickr account you can just go to Share above each of the pictures, copy the HTML/BBcode, (which pops up as soon as you click share). Then paste them on the post. One you click publish on the post you’re making, the pictures will appear.

    • Joy says:

      i do that for my work blog. Thanks for the (twentieth :))suggestion. This would be a very easy way to solve the problem!!

      • sholux says:

        LOL you’re welcome, I will now stop commenting 🙂

      • Joy says:

        I didn’t mean to say you can’t comment. I appreciate your help! I am trying to do it via flickr right now thanks to you!

      • sholux says:

        I know, I just meant I won’t comment on this post anymore, I’m officially out of ideas anyway LOL

      • Joy says:

        LOL. I tried the flickr idea but couldn’t get it to work. I tried resizing my photos in a website someone suggested but kept getting an error message. I guess I can try a few other ideas before officially giving up but I am not too excited about it. What a pain!!! Anyways, again, thanks for all your ideas.

      • sholux says:

        What went wrong with the flickr idea?

      • Joy says:

        i tried it with one photo and instead of it going into the post i wrote it created a post on its own. when i tried to put it in the post directly it just posted the URL info not the picture. 😦

      • sholux says:

        That sounds way off, I’ve never heard of that happening. I don’t know what happened then. Try again but paste the URL in the HTML and then click the visual button to see if the picture appears. That’s if you want to try it again.

      • Joy says:

        ok, will try that. thx

      • sholux says:

        sorry, I meant to say HTML embed not URL.

      • Joy says:

        ok. we’ll see

  2. sholux says:

    Apologies for leaving so many posts, lol. The ideas just kept coming.

    With flickr you can’t post large batches of photos. But it does make it easier for you to be able to post pictures the way that I do it, because they’ll all be in one place and will have an internet URL. If you do decide to upload them to flickr (or any other media storage) then you can just Right click and then push New Tab on all of the pictures that you want to put in a post, then click on the Action button above each picture and then View in All Sizes. Then you right click on (one picture at a time) the picture and then click Copy image URL.

    Now that you’ve done that, you can switch back to your blog, open a new post, and click on the little camera icon, next to Upload Insert, the little box that pops up will have a tab that says From URL (next to From Computer) you then past the URL and click insert into post.

    Then Repeat, until all pics are posted. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

    I know that it’s slightly tedious but it’s easy, free, and it’s saved me a lot of media space.

  3. Sen says:

    After I wrote my comments; I played around with the setting and it’s very easy to change.

    1) You can resize your photos by changing the main sizing under media then settings. I changed mine to 200×200 for medium and 300×300 for large; just to test it out. I save my changes then closed/reopen my blog to see if they were accepted.
    2) You can also resize your photos by opening your post and selecting the visual editor (right top) then select the box (left top) changing from 100% to 70%, 50% ect. It’s really easy. Just make sure to save your changes when resizing and when closing your post. Also; errors may be undone by clicking on the arrows (at the top); they call it the kitchen sink area. Hope this helps!

    Sen 🙂

    BTW: if you still need help; just email me.

  4. Sen says:

    The directions said go to Media then setting to adjust your picture size but when I tried it; I mess up my pictures. So basically, I’m no help! 😦 Sorry! The bad part is, since my blog is a picture blog; I really need to figure this out. If I learn anything new; I will let you know. 🙂


    Enjoy your day!

  5. sholux says:

    You can also just drag and drop the pictures into a new tab straight from the folders saved on your computer and then copy the URL

    • Joy says:

      This is how i have been doing it but i am not sure what you mean by copying the URL. Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions! I need to figure something out!

  6. sholux says:

    Second Idea: If you have a flickr account, you could just open the pictures in a new tab, copy the URL and then go to Media, From URL, paste the URL you just copied, and then push Insert in Post. Then repeat.

    • Joy says:

      i don’t have a current flickr account but i could reopen one i guess. would this method post all of them at once? that would save TONS of time!!

  7. sholux says:

    You could buy more space. You go into the dashboard and then click on the Store button.

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