I’m Really Annoyed

This photo drama really has me hating WordPress or hating myself for not understanding photo resizing. I am completely frustrated and am about to go back to blogging at Blogger where I never had this issue to just avoid the problem. I don’t have the time or energy to go back to and resize each and every photo. Thanks to those of you who left tips and suggestions. The only one I tried was going thru Flickr but that didn’t work. Someone from the WordPress forum gave me a long and tedious way to solve the problem. Honestly, I don’t feel like the hassle! I am soooooooooo annoyed!!  😦

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2 Responses to I’m Really Annoyed

  1. Sen says:

    It’s not you! There is a problem with WordPress. I tried to post a few times and I received an error message stating “invalid request”. I went to the forum and someone started a thread about the problem.


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