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Moving On

Miss us? Well, we have missed you immensely. I love blogging. Writing is fun, documenting our lives is important, rereading the adventures is awesome because it’s so easy to forget things so I will continue to blog. I have spent … Continue reading

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I Miss Blogging!!! here are my options so I can get back in the saddle: 1. Sit my ass down and find the photos from all of the previous posts in my 30,000 pictures in iPhoto, upload them one at a time … Continue reading

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Vacation has been great. We flew into LA and spent 4 days there. From there we spent 3 days in DC where I celebrated my birthday. Then 5 days in Orlando at Disneyworld and the past week we’ve been relaxing … Continue reading

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Resolutions Update – June

Still no progress on the photo drama but in the meantime I can post this update on my resolutions: Short Term Goals: 1. Sign Coco up for ballet lessons Done! 🙂 2. Sign myself up for tennis lessons 3. Put … Continue reading

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