Vacation has been great. We flew into LA and spent 4 days there. From there we spent 3 days in DC where I celebrated my birthday. Then 5 days in Orlando at Disneyworld and the past week we’ve been relaxing in Pennsylvania with relatives. I haven’t had time to deal with the photo issue and if I can’t figure it out before I go back to Manila I am going to simply start another blog. With all these large photos WordPress accommodated a year’s worth of posts so if I can’t find some tech guru to help me maybe I will just do a new blog each year! 🙂

So, sorry for the pictureless post but for now it is what it is. So vacation, yes, it has been really fun and relaxing but boy oh boy have we gotten derailed from our normal routine. When guests in others’ homes we eat what they eat for the most part and I haven’t been strict on our bedtimes and not surprisingly Coco is a bit off and I am suffering from inflammation and exhaustion! I wish I could pinpoint how I’m feeling to a specific cause like lack of sleep or eating too many cookies but honestly I have no idea. I can’t get back on track easily while here; I am really looking forward to returning to our healthier lifestyle.

I made a long list of things to avoid/adhere to but who can follow or even remember a long list? So here are the top three items I have deemed to be the most important and will get my focus when we return:

1. exercise                                                                                                                                              2. get lots of sleep                                                                                                                                 3. avoid junk food/processed foods (including wheat)

And my workouts will consist of tennis, yoga and weights. I can get a group of ten tennis private tennis lessons for $100! I will be scheduling that as soon as I get back so I can have form like Serena Williams! That’s it. I tried to narrow it down to two but which one could I rule out? And now, while I am able, I am off to Chipolte. Man I missed that place!

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2 Responses to Derailed

  1. Sen says:

    Hope you and Coconut enjoyed your vacation.
    BTW; Happy belated birthday!!


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